traceyWE GREW UP IN JERSEY CITY is a virtual Jersey City community   that allows former Jersey City residents to preserve their positive experiences growing up in Jersey City and give modern day Jersey City residents a peek of Jersey City’s history.

Visitors will get a chance to reminisce about their time in Jersey City and are encouraged to re-connect with childhood friends, colleagues and relatives separated by distance and time.   Visitors will get updates on modern day Jersey City and will be encouraged to “COME BACK HOME”.

WE GREW UP IN JERSEY CITY will support all groups who help to keep our memories of growing up in Jersey City alive!

Why We Grew Up In Jersey City was created?


We Grew Up In Jersey City
We Grew Up In Jersey City

After learning that my High School alma mater was scheduled to close at the end of the 2008 school year, I was given the opportunity to reminisce about my own past and remember the people that I grew up with in Jersey City….I thought that I would permanently lose a part of my history forever.

It was during that period that I was reminded of how special Jersey City is and how Jersey City remains a special part of me whenever I travel around the country or around the world. It was during that same period that I realized that homes may be shuttered or buildings may be torn down, but they can’t take away the memories that were created. It was then that I was inspired to remember the good old days, the days when life was simple and we were enjoying each moment as it unfolded. ……. thus, WE GREW UP IN JERSEY CITY was created and members of the STOOP have been enjoying our walk down memory lane since 2008.


Not everyone is on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Not everyone wants to see all the things that clog up the internet or most folks would rather enjoy the privacy of being part of a group without obligation to anything.

I created this website or BLOG as they say so that EVERYONE can have a place they can count on that will be truly dedicated to preserving our positive experiences growing up in JERSEY CITY.  It will be our permanent virtual JERSEY CITY STOOP that will hold the photos you’ve all donated and maintain the integrity of WE GREW UP IN JERSEY CITY.  Everyone is the author of their Jersey City story and everyone is invited to share whatever memories they may have.

We’ve been enjoying our walk down memory lane since 2008 and as time goes by, our appreciation for our past growing up in Jersey City is stronger and more people will have a better understanding of why we say “WE GREW UP IN JERSEY CITY”

  • Hubby Milestones

    Thank you to all on our virtual Jersey City STOOP and hope you all enjoy the walk down memory lane!

  • Rich Thomas

    I see that the old Jersey City Medical Center buildings have been renovated and re opened as “The Beacon” which I assume are condominiums. I grew up at 228 Summit Avenue which is almost directly across from the hospital which is on Baldwin Avenue. My grand parents house was 218 Summit Avenue and they’re back yard bordered on Baldwin Avenue directly across from the emergency room driveway . I’m glad they didn’t tear it down, it holds many memories for me and my family. I especially remember the sounds of sirens as the ambulances left the hospital and returned from emergency calls. Some nights were very noisy as there were so many emergencies. And that was back in the 50 s and 60 s.
    When it snowed we rode sleds down the hospital lawn hill on Montgomery Street, great fun.